New Album Out Now!

Wow, this is the biggest recording project I’ve ever done. I have spent the last 3+ months, day and night, working on this record.

It’s really a product of 3 years of touring, which I couldn’t have done without the support of all of you. My whole concept of music has changed since I set out with a guitar and pedalboard in 2013. I have heard and seen things I never thought possible, and met so many crazy characters that have changed my whole perspective on life.

So, I did my best to pack all the inspiration, ideas an energy into these songs. Held nothing back and made exactly the album I wanted to make. Listen to it a few times, hopefully you decode all the fun that went into creating it.

Thanks for listening, enjoy!

Best way to support is to order a dry good from the merch page. But you can pay for the album if you want on bandcamp.

In a few weeks the album will be available on Spotify and iTunes through the Toronto label Organic Electronic Music (OEM)


(Release notes)